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“I shall remember: When Caesar says ‘Do this,’ it is performed.” 

– William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

The Game

The Emperor Decrees is a collaborative storytelling game.  Featuring a GM or diceless oracle, it features a turn-based resolution system that lets each player describe the actions of an empire's agents as they carry out decrees from their emperor.

Of course, since the game is setting-agnostic, they could also be political operatives in a Soviet satellite, ruthless businesspeople in the employ of a multinational corporation, or members of any organization pursuing its goals.

The focus is two-fold. While playing, players will develop a world full of heroes and overcome a plethora of challenges, but they will also grow their agents and the empire to enable higher stakes and even greater action.

System: Unique

Type: Stand-alone game

Genre: Storytelling

Mechanics: d6 pool (added) plus modifiers.

Intended Players: 2+ (can scale with any number of GMs and players, though logically the limit is probably around 10)

Supplies needed: d6, text records, telecommunication or in-person meetings.

Setup time: N/A (players can drop in)

Session time: N/A (real-time or asynchronous)

License: Custom attribution/CC-BY 4.0

Included Bonuses: –

Last Updated: May 16, 2022

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AuthorLoreshaper Games
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