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All of the first edition Velotha's Flock stuff, prior to moving on to the next step, which is going to be a second edition that isn't just in free verse. The free verse thing is kind of a schtick, and if the Second Edition ever spreads its wings I'll make sure to include a free verse element. I believe this to be the first game of its magnitude written in free verse; this may not be the greatest idea ever had, but it's a start.

The idea behind Velotha's Flock was fairly simple; I had a moment of inspiration and decided to take it and make it something better. The first elements of the setting came together more or less by accident; I had a handful of numinous encounters with ravens, mysteries, and a woman in a black muscle car.

And from the simple seeds I saw, I realized that there was a place for an epic struggle played out across the cosmos; things from our world and beyond our world.

Velotha's Flock has the distinction of being Loreshaper Games' first official product; I'd made games before this (awful, horrible things that have been thankfully lost to the mists of time), but this is not only the first game that I felt legitimately proud of but also enjoyed quite a bit.

There is an unfinished advanced player's guide which is not included, though I included a character creation reference that includes the content from it. Rules for playing humans and fallen angels were included in an unpublished advanced player's guide, which I never actually finished.

This download includes:

  • The game itself, updated to its July 2019 version.
  • The character creation reference; see PDF comments for relevant rules text.
  • Six sample characters.
  • A two-page condensed (prose) version of the rules, designed for convention play.

Original Marketplace Text

velotha's flock

driven from their home they nest among mortals korakthropes, wereravens with the spirits of men but great powers they are lost seeking a Promised Land or at least a place to roost

the game is written in free verse using a simple ruleset storytelling drives the plot and the numbers fill in details

released under our Tabletop Attribution License you can remix and change as you want to and share with your own flock

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