What's Next for Consoles and Controllers

You'll notice that Consoles and Controllers is at version 0.9, and has remained that way for a while.

I'm happy with the overall state of the game, in the sense that it's perfectly playable, but there have been a few minor errors pointed out to me and there are a lot of places where the layout is a little rough (in part because having massive amounts of text with nothing to break them up gives a "textbook" feel to the game.

There are three things for Consoles and Controllers that I'm happy to announce today.

The first is relevant right now. We're in the Light in the Darkness Bundle hosted by Lucky Newt Games

The second is probably a little more short-term. I don't want to open up more community copies when version 1.0 comes out, but I do want to make the game a little lighter. RP over at Fari Games has been working on a streamlined Charge ruleset, and we're going to release a standalone free expansion to Consoles and Controllers, featuring an all-new game, built on the Dash streamlined rules for Charge.

This will serve as a free quickstart, but it will also give more character options and content. I might integrate the new setting into the original game or might leave it separate, depending on the feedback I get.

The third is going to come later, possibly a few months from now. I've been incrementally working on getting illustrations and graphic elements for each of Consoles and Controller's game worlds. Right now, Spells and Scoundrels and Chrono-Vision are mostly complete.

There have been some very minor updates to other content.  

There might be some small expansions and additions to content alongside the redone layout and graphics.

Unfortunately, my working computer has been having hardware issues and needs to be sent off for service (since the problems may extend to the CPU/iGPU). This will probably leave me with a couple of weeks of downtime.

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