Loreshaper Games

A game of lost memories, lost hope, and lost technology.
Reimagined fantasy roleplaying rebuilt for immersive play.
One-page GM-free storytelling about returning from diaspora.
Apocalyptic Breathless roleplaying with supernatural elements
Breathless cosmic horror roleplaying in a modern setting.
A Systems Reference Document for use in storytelling games with a mechanical edge.
Breathless cyberpunk roleplaying.
Classic video game inspired roleplaying for 2-5 players
Fight for what remains in this futuristic post-apocalypse

Major Games

These games are the result of longer projects and have more meat on their bones.

Lite Games

These are games we made that are best suited for a single session or have streamlined rules.

One Page Games

Our free one-page games for you to download and enjoy!

Loreshaper Oldies

Games we made way back when.


Things we made or collected that you can use in your games!